Health benefits of drinking water from clay pots

Health benefits of drinking water from clay pots

Drinking water from earthen clay is not only a substitute for refrigerated water, but also has its own set of health benefits. This is the reason for still using the clay pot and it has many benefits.
Some of the health benefits of drinking water from earthen clay pots:

Naturally cools water:
Storing water in a clay pot aids the natural cooling of water. The clay pot has small pores on the surface and water evaporates quickly through these pores. The evaporation process ensures the heat of the water inside the pot is lost, which lowers the temperature of the water. 

Gentle on the throat:
Drinking cold water from the refrigerator can cause some irritation in the throat .
However, clay pot water has an ideal temperature which is gentle on the throat and does not cause cold or cough. Drinking clay pot water helps to retain the minerals and nutrients intact in water and helps rehydrate quickly.

Alkaline in nature:
Human body is acidic in nature. Clay is alkaline in nature and provides the adequate pH balance. This is the reason why drinking clay pot water helps in keeping acidity and stomach problems at bay.

Natural purifier:
Earthen clay pots are not just use to cool the water but also to purify it naturally.
These porous micro-texture blocks out the contaminants in the water and makes it comparatively safe to drink. 

Boosts metabolism and non-toxic:
When we drink water stored in plastic bottles contains toxic which harms the body. Water stored in clay pots are chemical free and non-toxic. It brings the testosterone levels down. Whereas, drinking water from earthen clay pot balances testosterone levels and boost your body’s metabolism. This improves the digestion due to minerals presents in water.

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